Sopska 300gr
Serbian salad 200gr
Fresh cabbage salad 200gr
Homemade ajvar 150gr
Cucumber 200gr
Beet salad 200gr
Mixed salad 200gr
Tomato salad 200gr
Lettuce salad 200gr
Hot peppers in oil
Roasted red pepper in oil
Hot green peppers
Urnebes salad 100gr
Pickle cabbage salad 200gr
Tursija-pickled mixed vegetables
naslovna strana
Domestic brandy 0,03
Klekovaca 0,03
Lozovaca 0,03
Grape brandy 0,03
Rubin's Vinjak 0,03
Domestic brandy 0,03
Rum 0,03
Apricot brandy 0,03
Pear brandy 0,03
Wodka 0,03
Liqueur 0,03
Vermouth 0,03
Gin 0,03
Whiskey 0,03
Metaxa 0,03
Bourbon 0,03
Plum brandy slivovitz 0,03
Martini 0,03
A liquor seasoned with mastic 0,03
Clear quince brandy 0,03
Jelen 0,50
Jelen 0,33
Pilsner 0,33
Heineken 0,33
Lav7 0,33
Carlsberg 0,33
Lav 0,33
Tuborg 0,33
Lav 0,50
Draft beer 0,50
Becks 0,50
Amstel 0,33
Amstel 0,50
Draft beer 0,33
Mineral waters
Mineral waters
Sparkling mineral water 1/1
Aqua viva 0,33
Bottled sparkling mineral water 0,20
Rosa water 0,33
Rosa water 0,50
Bottled sparkling mineral water 0,20
Smederevka 1/1
Banatski Riesling 1/1
Italian Riesling 1/1
Grasevina 1/1
Krstac a local dry white wine 1/1
Rose 1/1
Rose 0,7
Vranac 1/1
Navip's red wine 1/1
Exclusive wines 0,7
Small bottled wine 0,18
Vranac Pro Corde 0,7
Wines of Kovacevic winary
Wines of Molovin winery
Wines of Bogunovic winery
Juice 0,20
Fruit nectar 0,20
Coca Cola 0,25
Tonic Water 0,25
Bitter Lemon 0,25
Various fruit juices 0,20
Cockta 0,25
Fanta 0,25
Sprite 0,25
Pepsi Cola 0,20
Guarana, Bater 0,25
Limunada 0,20
Freshly squeezed orange juice 0,20
Multivitamine juice 0,25
Cherry juice 0,25
Ice tea 0,25
Coffee and Hot drinks
Coffee and Hot drinks
Serbian cofee
Cofee with milk
Cofee with whipped cream
Ness coffee
Boiled brandy 0,10
Mulled wine 0,20
Escalope Karadjordje 350gr<br/>Wiener schnitzel 300gr<br/>Escalope of veal – Parisienne 300gr<br/>Escalope of veal sautè 300gr<br/>Veal schnitzel 300gr<br/>Veal in sauce 300gr<br/>Portion of fish<br/>Calamari portion
Á la carte
Escalope Karadjordje 350gr
Wiener schnitzel 300gr
Escalope of veal – Parisienne 300gr
Escalope of veal sautè 300gr
Veal schnitzel 300gr
Veal in sauce 300gr
Portion of fish
Calamari portion
Pastry and breads
Pastry and breads
A slice of bread
Local bread bun
Crepes with walnuts
Crepes with jam
Crepes with honey
Cakes 100gr
Cooked dishes
Cooked dishes
Beef goulash 300gr
Paprikash, meet stew with peppers 2,5dl
Peppers stuffed with mixed minced meat, rice and spices 250gr
Beans stew 2,5dl
Serbian baked beans with sausage 350gr
Chitterlings in gravy 2,5dl
Pork osso Bucco /kg
Beef soup 2,5dl
Veal soup 2,5dl
Lamb soup 2,5dl
Chicken soup 2,5dl
Fish soup 2,5dl
Hors d' oeuvres
Hors d' oeuvres
Hot hors d' oeuvres:
French fries 200gr
Omellette with cheese 250gr
Omellete with bacon 250gr
Breaded hard cheese 150gr
Cold hors d' oeuvres:
Dried beef from the Uzice region 100gr
Smoked pork neck 100gr
Kaymak, creamy milk speciality 100gr
Cheese 100gr
Piktije, jellied meat 150gr
Srbian hard cheese 100gr
Grilled dishes
Grilled dishes
Serbian sausages 300gr
Serbian mat patty 250gr
Cevapcici meat fingers 250gr
Cevapcici meat fingers (10kom)
Cevapcici meat fingers (10kom)
Pork kebabs 250gr
Pork loin 250gr
Mixed meat 250gr
Pork loin wrapped in bacon 250gr
Smoked pork loin 250gr
Mixed meat (1 kebab, pork chop, half pljeskavica, half sausage, 3 cevapcici)
Grilled chicken wings /kg
Grilled chicken breasts 300gr
Grilled chicken drumsticks 350gr
Grilled smoked chicken 350gr
Pork chops 300gr
Roasted meat
Roasted meat
Roasted lamb /kg
Roasted pork /kg
Roasted chicken /kg


Resataurant of the Hotel Vojvodina is well known for its traditional national cousine and the fine taste of all the dishes on the menu.
If you like traditional food, the smell of home made specialities will take you back in time and you will feel like sitting next to your granny's owen, enjoying every hap of a large portion you will get. If you are impatient and very hungry, our staff can recommend piktije, a sort of a jellied meat, homemade hot ajvar, pickle cabbage and a hot pepper...

Our food, gentle music, and staff as well as your own company, will make you forget about time and feel like home.

We can offer you a large assortiment of spirits and we recommend local brandy and wines.

Our concept is high quality service that fulfills all the wishes of our guests in hope that we would see each other again.
And something else: everything on the menu can be taken away since catering is one of our standard services.