With every new day more and more guests come to Hotel Vojvodina and leave it satisfied. Among them we were honoured to have as our guests many famous people, from high ranking politicians, most famous actors, singers, directors to numerous world known sportsmen.

Our location far away from city hustle and bustle, cosy interior, quality and descreet service have brought us regural guests who, as it seems, always come at the same time, and choose their table and the staff already knows what their wishes are.

The capacity of our halls, as well as the huge parking place for 130 cars are especially convenient for big business and family gatherings and these events are regurarly taking place at Hotel Vojvodina.

Whether you are just passing by, visiting Stara Paozva or the surroundings and you need a good service and a quiet night rest, we will be very glad to have you as our guest.